Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Year 1994-1999 Toyota Celica GT Dyno-proven intake system

Installation for Toyota Celica GT:
Disconnect the negative battery terminal before starting this installation.
1. remove the stock air intake box and air intake duct leads to the body, throttle. Remote control air temperature sensor and grommets in box air intakes. Remove the Stop valve of the air located on the air intake duct. See Figure 7
2. press 2 1/2 "just tube on the throttle body and use two clamps, tighten the clamp on the throttle body at this time. Takes 8 1/2 "-10 mm hose and press one end through the gate valve on the cover. See Figure 2
3. Take the heat shield and slotted brackets and place them over the press nuts. Take the 5/16 "flange bolts and screw them into the press nuts. See Figure 3-drop the clamp on the filter of the hooked ends of the slotted brackets. Now glide the neck of the filter through the hole and between the brackets. Slide the brackets up to the neck of the filter and tighten the 5/16 "with flanges, bolts. See Figure 3
4. Take the assembled filter and heat shield and slip it over the end of the intake, as seen in Figure 4.
5. Take the entire intake and filter Assembly and press the upper end of the straight tube 2 1/2 "on the throttle body, semi-tighten clamp at this time. See Figure 6
6. pressure adjustment, was removed from the air intake box will now pressed into the 3/4 "hole on the intake. See Figure 5
7. Slices 8 1/2 "-10 mm hose to the valve cover half and press Stop valve removed from the air intake duct to one end. You want your other end to the second half of the 10 mm tubing. Complete the connection by pressing the end of 10 mm hose over nipple 1/2 "on the intake. See Figure 7 and 8 (air-reducing valve maybe directional make sure it is installed in the same way, it was removed from the air intake duct.
8. pressure control air temperature sensor in stocks pressure adjustment installed earier in 3/4 "hole. See Figure 9 take stock vacuum line under the throttle body and connect the nipple 3/8 "below the intake. See Figure 10
9. Align the whole intake Assembly for best fit. When proper clearance is done continue to tighten all nuts, bolts and clamps. See Figure 1
10. remove all tools and rags from the engine compartment. We establish the terminal battery and make sure all the sensors and vacuum lines are properly secured and plugged-in correctly.
11. happy birthday! You have just completed this installation.
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1994-99 Toyota Celica GT Dyno-proven intake system here