Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Samsung refrigerator manual

samsung refrigerator manual
When comparing the appliance with other refrigerators, please refer to the model and number;
Before the appliance is connected to the power, verify if voltage rating of the refrigerator is
same to the power voltage. The voltage can be variable from 187V to 240V; if the power
voltage can not meet the requirements, an automatic transformer with a minimum output of
500W shall be used.
If the appliance is disconnected from the power, you should wait for at least five minutes
before reconnection; otherwise there may be a hazard to the compressor.
Do not store food close to the temperature sensor; otherwise it may display wrong
Do not open and close the door too frequently or for a long time during hot weather;
otherwise it may affect the efficiency of the entire unit and burden the appliance with
excessive load.
Do not leave the refrigerator upside down or horizontal or keep inclined over 45 degree to
the ground if necessary;
Do not pull or push the appliance by holding the door handles or exert too much upward/
downward forces on the door handle;
If a lot of hot foods are stored at the same time or the door is opened frequently or kept open
for a long period of time, the internal temperature will rise and the temperature display may
flash. It will be recovered normal after a period of stable operation;
The refrigerator must be located with an easy access to the power supply.

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