Sunday, July 22, 2012

2011 Benelli TnT 899 1130 Deployment Manual

first of all the colors of the "Centenary": this is a Green Racing Benelli motorbikesof Pasolini in modern interpretation;The introduction of the historic brand Benelli 60;Front forks "MARZOCCHI" becomes a fully adjustable (DIA 50 mm) and black becomes thefinishing (black oxidizing slider fork);The use of radial front calipers "BREMBO";The front brake discs (DIA 320 mm)/rear (DIA 240 mm), type "WAVE" provided by braking;The seat is enriched with the use of "branding" of fabric; "The cut and color of the "model has been restored;Rear-seat Cowling was introduced;Map module has been reset; Cover of the camshaft and spring rear shock is now yellow andcharacterise sports touch Racer. Availability century: March 2011Colours: Centenary Green
TNT 1130 century Racer
The introduction of the Model framework with more sportingcharacter and in addition to the modifications made to the TNT 899 folllowingcomponents version have been added also renews the TNT 1130: completely adjustable rear shock absorber provided by ZF SACHS; Engine mapping has been restored; Availability: March 2011Colours: 100th Green
TNT TNT R160 R160
EICMA introduced last year, will now be exposed to in the red and white box painted mattitanium and with a red frame. Both versions are also enriched with: circular monolithic BREMBO calipers;Forks MARZOCCHI fork slider oxidation in gray and the rear shock absorberZF SACHS with yellow spring; availability: Feb 2011Colours: white and Red
TRE 899 to TRE 899 KB
proposed in white, with the following components: increased the size of the seat allowing more comfortable riding position, especiallyover the long road by car;Forks MARZOCCHI fork slider oxidation in yellow; completion of the rims is now metal grey;At the EICMA also will be exposed to the version with side bags (optional). Availability: ImmediateColours: white
TRE 1130 K TRE 1130 KB
It is designed in a grey color with matte Titanium frame and the renewed followingcomponents: MARZOCCHI fork with oxidation, fork sliders completely adjustable in compression, extension and spring preload on both riders;BREMBO radial front calipers; Incresed size allowing more comfortable riding position, in particular, leave a path car; completion of the rims is now metal grey;Hydraulic couplings availability: March 2011Colours: Grey
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