Sunday, July 22, 2012

1992-1993 Toyota Celica Short Throw Shift Kit Plastic Shifter Assembly

1. remove the stock Shift knob and boot cover.
2. Carefully slide a exacto knife under the clip on the right side of the Assembly to remove it. Caution: be extremely careful in this step if the knife is torqued too hard the blade could break and become a dangerous projectile.
3. Insert a flat head screw driver in the hole, created by exacto knife to pry the clip out.
4. Use a punch to drive out the PIN on the opposite side of the Symbol shifter. Press lightly with a hammer until the PIN is expelled from the Assembly.
5. remove the four bolts securing the plastic Assembly to the chassis.
6. remove the clip securing the "L"-shaped arm to Shift linkage rod on the left side of the collection.
7. remove the clip on the bottom of the Symbol shifter assurance Symbol to switch to lower Shift linkage rod.
8. remove the Symbol shifter from Assembly.
9. pull out the PIN and ' L '-shaped arm, held by the clip and remove the Symbol shifter.
10. Use the tool cup remover included with kit remove both plastic cups on the original Symbol changes. Do this by placing the tool remover cup on top of the open jaws of a vice-versa should JAWS be about 1 "apart. Hang the Symbol shifter tool as shown, you must be inserted completely into the slot in the Symbol shifter tool. Insert a punch in the center hole through the plastic cup and tap down with a hammer to separate the original Symbol changes from cup. Repeat for 2nd cup.

download here