Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Operation manual Aprilia SR 50

This guide provides the information necessary for the normal handling. -This guide is intended for use by the aprilia dealers and their qualified mechanics; certain information is omitted intentionally, because this guide is not intended to provide an exhaustive treatise on mechanics. Persons who will use this manual must be completely familiar with the basics of mechanics and the basic procedures of motorcycle repair. Repair or inspect a motorcycle when one does not have such basic knowledge or training may lead to incorrect servicing and make motorcycle safe to drive. For the same reason, some basic precautions have been omitted in the descriptions of procedures for repair and inspection; Therefore, you are invited to take special care to avoid damage to components of motorcycles or injury to people. aprilia s.p.a. s mission is to continuously enhance the riding pleasure of end-users, which through continuous improvement of its products, as well as relevant technical literature. All aprilia dealers and subsidiaries in the world be keep up-to-date on major technical changes and modifications to correct procedures. These changes and modifications are then reflected in the next version of the manual. In case of need or doubts concerning procedures for repair and inspection, contact aprilia SERVICE DEPARTMENT, who will be pleased to help and provide you with updates and technical amendments on the vehicle. aprilia company reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, free of charge all such changes may alter the basic characteristics of a product referred to in the Guide. All rights to the use of electronic means, reproduction and total or partial adaptation, irrespective of the means adopted for storage reserved in all countries. The indication of the products by third parties shall only be made for information purposes, and will represent the will. aprilia s.p.a. is not responsible in any way for the performance or use of these products.

Download: Aprilia SR 50 service manual