Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brochure Vespa Granturismo

Vespa Granturismo Brochure. Unmistakably Vespa Granturismo, includes final steel structure style which made the Vespa Italian legend of 1946 where you are top, twist Tester valve and let in a State of mind that is completely Carefree transport 200cc engine. Its automatic gearbox and electric starter, made easy for riding the Granturismo, while classic Italian design makes it impossible to ignore. Maneuverability to enhance its 12 "wheels and its system to block anti-theft offers additional protection. Of modern technology, including with 4-stroke, 4-valve liquid cooled engine and 220 mm front and rear disc brakes do so promptly Vespa for today. enjoy lying on it even more. Vespa large windscreens made each day, the perfect day for riding, while Chic Vespa helmets add style to safe riding. You need extra storage? Vespa top case allows you to pack picnic, grab some food shops or storage of spare helmet for friends that you make along the way. Click here to get the Vespa Granturismo brochure