Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2006 Subaru Impreza Factory Boost Control System Works v1.09

2006 Subaru Impreza Factory Boost Control System Works v1.09. This document is intended to assist you with the understanding of how turbo boost pressure is controlled on an internally (or externally) wastegated turbocharger through the factory boost control system. This document will show how to properly set-up or calibrate your internally or externally wastegated turbocharger so that the boost pressure can be properly controlled by the stock boost control system. This document is broken down into four chapters; Hardware, Plumbing, Hardware Function, & Mechanical Calibration. Please read the following thoroughly before you attempt to tune your Subaru with the AccessTUNERTM software. In the AccessTUNER Professional or AccessTUNER Street software, Descriptions and Tuning Tips for most of the tables are provided and can be accessed by pressing the “F1” key while that table is highlighted in the Table List located on the left hand side of the software. We would like to go into further detail about the safeguards and advanced tuning features that are available through the AccessTUNER software. The boost control system uses a closed-loop targeting system which does everything it can to make the boost control system consistent. By employing this closed-loop boost control system the electronic control unit (ECU) can use its speed to bring down boost in over boost situations and raise the wastegate duty cycles for under boost situations. The stock boost control system is much faster than any human analysis and input; we highly suggest you use it to your advantage. In some vehicles, the boost control system can set higher boost targets up to a certain miles per hour (MPH) or bring boost targets down after a set MPH. Some vehicles allow you to tune boost by the different gears you are operating the motor in. Most critical is the fact that the ECU (on DBW vehicles) forces the boost control system to shut down completely (so the vehicle runs mechanical boost pressure) if detonation events are continuing to occur. This bit of safeguard makes the factory boost control system far superior to any aftermarket boost control system, in our opinion. Once the stock boost control system is fully understood, you will find it easy to tune on internally or externally wastegated turbos.

Download: 2006 Subaru Impreza Factory Boost Control System Works v1.09